Coming summer 2019

The Floorshow

A new play with music and dance


directed & choreographed by AVITAL ASULEEN

It’s 1951, and a group of tap dancers perform their popular floorshow routine to packed houses at The Gilded Palace nightclub in New York City. There’s excitement in the air as powerful Hollywood producers scout the scene, hoping to discover the next-big-thing.

But when the pursuit of motion picture stardom takes an unfortunate turn, the bonds that tie this tight-knit group together are tested as each girl shows her true colors.

musical arrangements DENIZ CORDELL
production assistant KATHERINE WINTER

Recommended for ages 15+ for descriptions of sexual violence.


“[Huge Kudos] for choreographer Avital Asuleen, who managed to create moves authentic to the time period while original too.” – Queens Gazette

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