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Combustion Collective & Rachel Lauren James present

The Floorshow

A new play with music and dance


Click here to read the 2019 script, or here to see production photos.

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It’s 1951, and a group of tap dancers perform their popular floorshow routine to packed houses at The Gilded Palace nightclub in New York City. There’s excitement in the air as powerful Hollywood producers scout the scene, hoping to discover the next-big-thing.

But when the pursuit of motion picture stardom takes an unfortunate turn, the bonds that tie this tight-knit group together are tested as each girl shows her true colors.

The Floorshow explores the way we react to events in our own lives and the lives of those closest to us. The play asks us to examine our own reactions to adversity as a group of women grapple with the tenuous nature of female friendship.

The Floorshow was originally produced at Theatre 71 in September of 2019. The production team included:

director and choreographer AVITAL ASULEEN
musical arrangements and original music DENIZ CORDELL

associate producer ROBERTO DI DONATO
production assistant BRIDGE COFFMAN

production stage manager EOGHAN HARTLEY
associate choreographer & dance captain COLLEEN ROBERTS*
assistant director/choreographer KATHERINE WINTER

scenic designer RYAN GOFF
costume designer JOSEPH SHROPE
lighting designer GIOVANNI VILLARI

The cast was as follows:

Valentina – KACIE BURNS*






* Equity Member appearing with permission of Actor’s Equity Association without benefit of an Equity contract in this Off-Off-Broadway production

The Floorshow Poster

“THE FLOORSHOW nests an emotionally rich female-sisterhood narrative within a framework of creative competition and sexism.” – BroadwayWorld

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