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Acting Off-The-Cuff

Improv your way to authenticity

Long-Form Improvisation – only for comedians, right?


Improv is a highly effective tool that all actors, dancers, singers, writers, and performers can use to expand their sense of self as an artist.

Our first-ever workshop will be taught by improvisational wonder woman, Desiree Justin, a long-time collaborator with Combustion Collective and professional long form improviser.

In this three hour workshop we will explore techniques to help:

  • Find your individual voice as an artist
  • Sharpen skills to become spontaneous and authentic in your work
  • Make adjustments quickly and efficiently in an audition room, on set, and in rehearsals
  • Collaborate well with other artists and creators
  • Discover a platform for creating new work
  • Get out of your head to fully realize YOU are enough

We’ll learn the basics of long form improv and how you can use them outside of the traditional improv setting in the development of yourself as an individual artist.

This workshop is tailored for all who want to use improv as a tool for enhancing other work – everyone from first-time improvisers to seasoned veterans. So, for a few hours, join us in silencing your phone (and your crippling internal monologue), and find freedom and joy in unabashed artistic play!

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Saturday, April 2nd
2:30 – 5:30pm

Arts On Site, NYC

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