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In Emily’s Words

A new musical with book, music, and lyrics
by Jessy Tomsko

In Emily‘s Words tells the story of English novelist Emily Brontë as she is writing her magnum opus: Wuthering Heights.  Emily’s imagination knew no bounds, and in spite of having seen very little of the world, she was able to craft a sweeping melodrama that has left a legacy nearly 200 years after her death.

Emily Brontë fought through adversity and illness, achieving agency in a time when women were denied it.  Yet while she paved the way for female-identifying writers, Emily never lived to see the success of her own labors.  Hers is a story of resilience, strength, and the greatness that can be achieved when the immense power of imagination is unleashed.

Combustion Collective has been developing In Emily’s Words through a series of readings, workshops, and presentations throughout 2021.  In July, we were featured on New York Theatre Barn’s Virtual New Works Series- you can check out the recap video of that presentation here. Additionally, make sure to follow us on Instagram for the most up-to-date information on what’s up next, and what may be open to the general public!